During the summer – when kids are out of school – it’s a great opportunity to find a special and enjoyable way to share the Bible. We’ve been doing a “Vacation Bible School” for decades at Expressway, and every year it is a highlight of our calendar. We dedicate 5 nights in a row to special classes and activities to children of all ages, relating lessons from the Bible to their lives. It is a great way to build character! This year, we are having VBS June 17-21.

We have a class for your child, and it is being taught by qualified people who love children and love God. You are welcome to tour the rooms and see where it all happens! We go to great lengths to transform our building with decorations and imagery that emphasize the theme and reinforce those great Bible accounts. The kids will love it, and you will, too!

We also have a special speaker each year that presents lessons to the adults. This year, Matt Johnson of Tampa, Florida will be our guest and he will be doing the same topics as the kid’s classes, but for “grown-ups” (because we need those lessons, too!).

After class each night, we gather in the auditorium and sing with the kids. It is an experience you will never forget! You and your children will create memories for a lifetime at Expressway’s VBS. These will be moments that will not only be something you talk about for years to come, but it will draw you and your family closer to God. We can’t wait to see you – make plans now to join us for VBS at Expressway!