Adult Classes

At Expressway, adult bible classes are designed to help our members and visitors alike strengthen their basic Bible knowledge and  follow Jesus more closely.

The classes are structured for students with varying degrees of Bible knowledge and provide many opportunities for individual growth.

Bible Classes



The Book of Second Samuel

A study of the failures and successes during the golden age of the united kingdom

Bible Flyby

We’ll examine the whole bible story in this adventurous and expeditious study

Tragedy to Triumph

A fascinating look at the events just days before the crucifixion to the time of the Lord’s resurrection

The Books of First and Second Peter

Peter writes to show us how to remain faithful while pursuing our heavenly goal

As it is Written

Learn how we can be sure what the original bible said and the amazing story of how it got to your hands

Types and Shadows

This study offers proof of the inspiration and validity of the scriptures

Finding Fulfillment in Ecclesiastes

Learn what God has to say about how to have a truly meaningful and fulfilling life

The Book of Revelation

Written to strengthen Christians in a time of great persecution, this important message can help us today as well

Children’s Classes

Learning about God and His Word begins in classes for children. We start in the nursery class (from birth through age two) and continue through High School.

The classes are all Bible based, age-appropriate, and taught by enthusiastic, well trained teachers who love the Lord and their students.