You might notice right away that things are a little different at Expressway. You see, we claim that Jesus is Lord – He is Lord of each of us, and is most definitely the Lord of His church. So, we do things at Expressway in the same simple fashion that the earliest followers of Jesus did: The way Jesus wanted things to be done by His church. Jesus would accept nothing less (Luke 6:46).

Everything that you will hear or see done at Expressway has a reason behind it. We don’ t believe it is our purpose to cure all of society’s problems, we’re not here to ask for your money, or attempt to entertain you. Our purpose is to win souls for Christ, educate His followers, and tend to the truly needy among the disciples of Jesus. Through these efforts, a society might be changed – one person at a time. There is only one thing powerful enough to do that: the gospel of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:16).

Would you like to learn more about the Lord’s church, the church you can read about in the Bible? Come and study with us! Until you are able to do that, we encourage you to read on and explore our website.