Adult Classes

At Expressway, adult bible classes are designed to help our members and visitors alike strengthen their basic Bible knowledge and  follow Jesus more closely.

The classes are structured for students with varying degrees of Bible knowledge and provide many opportunities for individual growth.

Bible Classes 2016-2017



The Book of First Samuel

A study of the failures and successes during the golden age of the united kingdom

Romans – The gift of God

An in-depth study of the gifts God gives the faithful

The Book of Luke

A fascinating look at the life of God’s only Son

The Book of Hebrews

Lessons of faith that strengthen and encourage faithful diligence

The Genealogy of Faith

An examination of those who are mentioned in the lineage of Christ

First and Second Thessalonians

The earliest explanations of faith, morality, and eschatology in the New Testament

The Book of Nehemiah

Sincere faithfulness, determined leadership, and courage are exemplified and examined

The book of Galatians

An elegant, faith producing clarification of gospel principles

Children’s Classes

Learning about God and His Word begins in classes for children. We start in the nursery class (from birth through age two) and continue through High School.

The classes are all Bible based, age-appropriate, and taught by enthusiastic, well trained teachers who love the Lord and their students.